Actress and eloquentDaryl Hannah at RAN benefit party activist Daryl Hannah provided the star quality to the opening of the Affordable Comfort, Inc, annual trade show in Baltimore, MD (on why to attend ACI).  On stage with ACI director, Amy Fazio, Hannah talked about the importance of home performance for confronting the crises (climate crisis, ocean acidification crisis, water crisis, economic crisis ...). To an appreciative audience, Hannah finished her comments

On every level, we're confronting crises and you [the Home Perfomance industry] are at the forefront of the solution.
Hannah spoke to the importance of clarity of communication about home energy issues, stating that her touchstone is a good friend who "is caught up in her daily life, dealing with the kids, and just doesn't have the interest or energy to learn about home energy use."  Thus, the criticality of keeping the message simple.
What is best for your pocket book and health is also best for the planet.