[MMIT New Moon Abundance Check reminder - Embrace your Mermaid/Man self

Greetings Dear One...  

Tonight's New Moon Manifesting Meditation
took us on a journey to the Lemuria, the Land of Mu.
We activate the Turquoise Ray of light as we stood at Zero Point Energy.
Connect with your Mer self, embody and merge your energy with the Mer you and swim in the Oceans of Mu.
Swim into a beam of Pleiadian light to active
the light codes receive and step into your
transformed Super Human Self!  Wheeeeee!

Sacred Language was shared during the call to help
you release  your Shadow self and call forth what is needed for healing and transformation!

This months New Moon Solar Eclipse is on:
August 21, 2017
11:30 am PDT - 2:30 pm EDT
29 degrees Leo
Find your time zone: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/
 Read below for best times to write your Abundance Checks.

Receive your Mer name and command and claim your true self energies as the Keeper of the Truth! Bringing forth the
clarity and wisdom needed to carry you forward
and manifest your hearts desires!

Register for the replay of tonight's call to receive the
support you need for manifesting during this powerful
time of change.

PLUS if you sign up for the 5 months of calls option, you receive August call at the pre-registration price and
then be set until December 2017. 
Offer active until August 31, 2017

Leo is about standing in your power and truth!
Reclaim your personal power!
During the healing we cleared an energy holding you back from your hearts desires. You are guided to release the energies holding you back from receiving what it is you are wanting.  We called forth and created a Light Energy Alchemy Package (LEAP) to give the part of you that has been holding you back what  it needs to step and and move forward. Sacred Language was called in to bring in the alchemy to make the shift with ease and grace.


If you know a bit about Astrology, find 1 degrees
of Leo in your chart, focus your intention on
that house in your chart. (go here if you need help)
For instance 29 degrees of
Leo is in
my 1st house.

I will be  focusing on listening to my body and honoring
it by resting more, taking time to smell the roses
and being peace from the inside out.

What next level of Knowledge & Wisdom is ready
to come forth and be shared?
What new magical ways can I align with Source,
the Goddess and Angels

BEST to write your checks: 
  Monday August 21st after 1:25 pm PDT
until Wednesday August 23rd 1:02 pm PDT

Write out your checks Monday after 1:25 pm PDT when the moon moves into Virgo  - Stays in Virgo until Wednesday August 23rd at 1:02 pm PDT when the moon moves VOC again until later that same day at 6:05 pm PDT when the moon moves into Libra   HOLDS in Libra until Friday Aug 25th at 10:39 pm PDT VOC until Saturday Aug 26th 1:53 Am Moves into Scorpio   

  Use this link to convert to your time zone:http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/
Use Seattle, WA for PST to convert

 Write your checks within 48 hours after the new
moon for maximum potency. Unless the moon is void of course.
When the moon is "void of course" it is in a holding pattern.
Waiting until the next sign gives your intention more power
and available energy for manifesting.

  It's my pleasure to bring you a monthly reminder to write
your checks after the new moon crests.

This months New Moon Manifesting call was deep, cleansing and powerful!

 For more details about this magical call, visit http://newmooncheck.com/manifesting-call/
  Sign your name to the back of your new moon check!  As if you are preparing it for deposit to the Universal Bank of Manifesting!!!
This month the healing and meditation were quite powerful! 
Bring light in to offer healing to the energy keeping you stuck!
This was an amazing journey!  

Then let the Universe handle the details! 
When we add this element into the mix of writing our new moon checks
it adds additional power and magic!

 Happy Abundance Check manifesting!
To your Success!

P.S.  I will send another reminder right at the time
to start writing checks!  Happy Manifesting!

P.P.S.   Surrender and Receive!

DaKara Kies, HPT Master, Advanced HPT Certified (Heart Point Technique)Energy Healer & Inspiration Coach. Intuitive Reader, Feng Shui Consultant & Artist
Dakara Kies Co, PO Box 4338, Everett, WA 98204, USA


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[MMIT New Moon Manifesting Call - Merge with your Superhuman Soul

The Manifesting Edge!
 New Moon Manifesting

Solar Eclipse Call
August 17, 2017
5:00 pm PST
6:00 pm MST 7:00 CST 8:00 pm EST
Find your time zone
Pre-registration ends at 4:30 pm PST day of event.
     Greetings Dear One...
Registration is now open for this months call
as well are registering for the next 5 months.
For the first time ever - I am offering July 2017
replay (1 degree Leo) to those who did not register for the call last month. This powerful eclipse season is bringing us great opportunity for change.
Details found at:


  Journey with us and transform yourself into your Super Human self with your Soul Fire!
Emerge like a fish out of water
(or Mermaid/Merman - person)
onto dry land and into your superhuman self.
Ready to take on your world and align with the
changing energies showing up in your life.

This time of heightened transformation during this eclipse season that warrants going deeper so that you can truly step forward, aligned and ready for the changes showing up in your life!

We'll integrate these new energies to propel you along your path, in a bright, shiny new way!
Register now for the call and be guided to find, and release the old to create space for the new!

What magic awaits you?  Your Superhuman aspects
are waiting for you to claim them.  Now is the time!

 You will be guided to clear emotions and transform what might be holding you back from your hearts desires.  Once space is created - invite the new into your being, life and space!

Are you ready to manifest anything your heart
This is a perfect time to step forward and
clear old worn out patterns.  What magic does
the energy of Fire hold for you?

Join DaKara Thursday August 17, 2017 for a powerful
call. You'll be guided on a magical journey.

   Deep within your heart is magic ready to be accessed and
unfolded, carrying you forward in your divine uniqueness!

  First you'll release what is no longer serving you by bringing
down the light to clear, balance, transform and heal the part
of you that is holding you back to manifesting what you are
wanting.  What wishes or goals are you ready to bring
into the physical?

As we journey deep within, where you will set your intentions, goals and what you are ready to achieve in its highest form and raise your vibrational frequency and then anchor that into your physical body.  

Are you ready to release and step out of the class feeling lighter, refreshed and ready to take on the world?

Call now available to Listen LIVE Online or via the phone!

Sign up now and be entered to win a private
session with DaKara! Details below!
What are you desiring? What choices are you ready
to step into energetically?
What's holding you back?
What Miracles await you?
Sign up now to learn more about Astrology or for the
Healing and Meditation or both its all included!

New Moon Solar Eclipse
Monday August 21, 2017
11:30 am PDT  – 2:30 pm EDT
  29 degrees Leo

 Register now with a chance to WIN a one on one 20 min
session with DaKara! (Value $80)

pre-register until

August 17, 2017  by 3:00 pm PDT
to be in the drawing.

Pre Register for only $18.18 and receive the replay too!
($30 Value) Post class price $21.21
Sign up in advance and save.
Register for 5 months, save time and energy


 During the meditation DaKara will guide you
into the sacred circle of healing light where the
real magic happens!
  Learn about the energy of this new moon.You will experience a powerful healing, and be guided into the manifesting matrix to support your dreams and wishes!
  Powerful Healing and Meditation to help you transform
what is no longer serving you.  The healing meditation
a separate recording so you can easily listen over and
to that portion to work on and transform several
areas of your life.
  Call duration approx  60 minutes
(usually closer to 70 minutes as I tend to over deliver!)
Pre -registration ends at 4:30 pm PST day of event.
Share from April's call:
Dearest Dakara,
I just listened to the recording of your New Moon Manifesting call of April 24th.  The information you shared is confirmation of everything that I've been sensing.  Your guided meditation was exceptionally beautiful, powerful and empowering.  You guided me to a place deep within my heart and soul where I experienced release, healing, peace and unconditional love.  I emerged feeling similar to what those who've had NDE's describe as their experience of Heaven.  My faith in my own capacities and the process of life have been reborn.  I not only feel, but know that
I can truly move forward and create and build something from nothing; and I look forward to birthing my desires into reality.  Thank you so much for the beautiful work that you do. 
You are a gracious contribution to us all.
Much Gratitude, Love and Blessings to you, Dakara!
Maureen Marie Damery
Your Owner's Manual for Life
~Source Code of Your Soul


Additional shares from a regular month attendee!
 The sacred space is feeling more familiar every time. I really
 enjoy the
rainbow-colored waterfall. I saw a lot of really beautiful colors during the meditation. When I entered the cave, to meet the master teacher,  I sensed a Magenta color.

I felt a nice rapport with my Dolphin guide. The most interesting
was that my master teacher was a female. I've done a lot of guided meditations  where you meet an inner guide / teacher, but they were always male. And I often had trouble visualizing somebody that felt right for me. This time, I spontaneously sensed a female master teacher, and it felt like the transmission / communication was more heart-to-heart than mind-to-mind.
Very very nice!

 I feel a shift from Hopelessness to Determination.

 I usually like the Healing part the best,  and while the Healing
part was very good,
  I liked the Meditation even better.

Each month, it gets better and better. During the step with the Energy Package, I sensed a special spiritual energy which I have only experienced a few times in my life!

David  O.

Each month we are given time to till the soil of what we
want to manifest...
The Dark of the Moon time or also known as 'Balsamic' Moon.  About 2.5 days before each new moon, we are in this extremely fertile time to go within and focus on what we are choosing to manifest in our lives. Using the energy of the astrology sign the new moon is in, as well as the house the new moon touches on for you, we will create the energy within the group to support you on your journey!
By signing up in advance, your name will be entered into a drawing for a 20 min session with DaKara on the phone or
via Skype!
How does it get any better than that?
In this class you will learn/experience:
  • Learn about the energy of the sign of the new moon.
  • Learn the Sabian Symbol Energies of the new moon.
  • Moon Mantra and the Arch Angel(s) for this new moon
  • Learn about the energy of the houses.
  • I will offer a live healing to clear and relinquish the energies that maybe holding you back around what
    you are wanting to manifest during the upcoming
    new moon.
  • Meditation to assist you in creating!
If you have your birth chart, have it handy for the call!  If you need a chart go to http://newmooncheck.com/charts/ to have DaKara's team create a birth chart for you and include what House this new moon is touching for you.

Don't know your birth time?  DaKara is now offering an option to Dowse your birth time for you and create your birth chart for you. Or go to
www.Astro.com to get a free chart... You can also sign up to get a mini new moon reading with me to personally assist you!
(this option includes your birth chart.)

Go to==== >>> http://NewMoonCheck.com/mini-readings/

Not able to attend the live call?  Sign up now and SAVE. Receive call in details and access to the replay!
 I will send out the replay recording within 24 hours of the call!  Plenty of time to listen and be ready for the new moon!
Pre -registration ends at 4:30 pm PST day of event.

Love & Blessings
Team DaKara

P.S. Share this with your friends and family!  This will be a magical journey not to be missed!

P.S.S.  Call now available to Listen LIVE online, your phone  or via webcast!

33  26  1981
332  63  83  9715  1232  4  9  10
P.O. Box 4338
Everett, WA 98204, USA


[DK GreenRoots] Sustainability Down Under

Deb and I got to go Down Under, check out Al Gore, and hang out in one of the most livable cities this summer. Check out her report:

I hope everyone is surviving these dark times!


[DK GreenRoots] Just in Case You Stop By I Will Not Surrender

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