[MMIT New Moon Manifesting Call - Divine Will - Sea Turtle Magic OH MY!

 New Moon Manifesting Call
Registration is now open for this months call!
July 1, 2016 6:00 pm PST
7:00 pm MST 8:00 CST 9:00 pm EST
Find your time zone
Pre -registration ends at 5:30 pm PST day of event.
     Greetings Dear One...
Cancer's cardinal energy will support you
in connecting with Divine Will. What does the Divine have in store for you?  What are you ready to receive? 
Meet with Sea Turtle, and allow its magic and wisdom
to delight and amaze you!

  Allow the energy of Water ~ Cancer  to support
you during this New Moon.

Join DaKara Friday July 1st as you'll be guided
into Mother Ocean to connect with the energy of Divine Will and be energized by Sea Turtles magic and wisdom!
   Deep within your heart is magic ready to be accessed the
unfolded carrying you forward in your divine uniqueness!

  First you'll release what is no longer serving you by bringing
down the light to clear, balance, transform and heal the part
of you that is holding you back to manifesting what you are
  What wishes or goals are you ready to bring
into the physical?

As we journey deep within, where you will set your intentions, goals and what you are ready to achieve in its highest form and raise your vibrational frequency and then anchor that into your physical body.  

Are you ready to release and step out of the class feeling lighter, refreshed and ready to take on the world?

Sign up now and be entered to win a private
session with DaKara! Details below!
What are you desiring? What choices are you ready
to step into energetically?
What's holding you back?
 Allow the energy of  Water  ~ Cancer to support and transform you in manifesting your true hearts desires. Engaging with the energy of Cardinal Water!
What Miracles await you?
Sign up now to learn more about Astrology or for the
Healing and Meditation or both its all included!

New Moon
July 4
, 2016

4:01 am PDT – 7:01 am EDT
13 degrees  Cancer

 Register now with a chance to WIN a one on one 20 min
session with DaKara! (Value $80)

pre-register until
July 1st, 3:00 pm PDT
to be in the drawing.
Pre Register for only $18.18 and receive the replay too!
($30 Value) Post class price $21.21
Sign up in advance and save.
PLUS you can sign up for the next six months
of calls and receive a discount!

 During the meditation DaKara will guide you
into the sacred circle of healing light where the
real magic happens!
  Learn about the energy of this new moon.You will experience
a powerful healing,
and be guided into the manifesting
to support your dreams and wishes!
Powerful Healing and Meditation to help you transform
what is no longer serving you.  The healing meditation
a separate recording so you can easily listen over and
to that portion to work on and transform several
areas of your life.
  Call duration approx  60 minutes
(usually closer to 70 minutes as I tend to over deliver!)
Pre -registration ends at 5:30 pm PST day of event.
Share from a regular month attendee!
 The sacred space is feeling more familiar every time. I really
 enjoy the
rainbow-colored waterfall. I saw a lot of really beautiful colors during the meditation. When I entered the cave, to meet the master teacher,  I sensed a Magenta color.

I felt a nice rapport with my Dolphin guide. The most interesting
was that my master teacher was a female. I've done a lot of guided meditations  where you meet an inner guide / teacher, but they were always male. And I often had trouble visualizing somebody that felt right for me. This time, I spontaneously sensed a female master teacher, and it felt like the transmission / communication was more heart-to-heart than mind-to-mind.
Very very nice!

 I feel a shift from Hopelessness to Determination.

 I usually like the Healing part the best,  and while the Healing
part was very good,
  I liked the Meditation even better.

Each month, it gets better and better. During the step with the Energy Package, I sensed a special spiritual energy which I have only experienced a few times in my life!

David  O.
Each month we are given time to till the soil of what we
want to manifest...
The Dark of the Moon time or also known as 'Balsamic' Moon.  About 2.5 days before each new moon, we are in this extremely fertile time to go within and focus on what we are choosing to manifest in our lives. Using the energy of the astrology sign the new moon is in, as well as the house the new moon touches on for you, we will create the energy within the group to support you on your journey!
By signing up in advance, your name will be entered into a drawing for a 20 min session with DaKara on the phone or
via Skype!
How does it get any better than that?
In this class you will learn/experience:
  • Learn about the energy of the sign of the new moon.
  • Learn the Sabian Symbol of the new moon.
  • Moon Mantra and the Arch Angel(s) for this new moon
  • Learn about the energy of the houses.
  • I will offer a live healing to clear and relinquish the energies that maybe holding you back around what
    you are wanting to manifest during the upcoming
    new moon.
  • Meditation to assist you in creating!
If you have your birth chart, have it handy for the call! If you need a chart
go to 
http://newmooncheck.com/charts/ to have DaKara's team create a birth chart for you and include what House this new moon is touching for you.

Don't know your birth time?  DaKara is now offering an option to Dowse your birth time for you and create your birth chart for you. Or go to
www.Astro.com to get a free chart... You can also sign up to get a mini new moon reading with me to personally assist you!
(this option includes your birth chart.)

Go to==== >>> http://NewMoonCheck.com/mini-readings/

Not able to attend the live call?  Sign up now and SAVE. Receive call in details and access to the replay!
 I will send out the replay recording within 24 hours of the call!  Plenty of time to listen and be ready for the new moon!
Pre -registration ends at 5:30 pm PST day of event.

Love & Blessings
Team DaKara

P.S. Share this with your friends and family!

P.S.S.  There are 7 new moons in the next 6 months as we have a super powered Black Moon in September - two new moons within the same month!
Register now (before call) and receive one call free!  http://newmooncheck.com/manifesting-call/6-month-call-special/

P.O. Box 4338
Everett, WA 98204, USA


[MMIT Do you have a pet? If you do, I have some very exciting news for you!

Check this out Dear Ones...   I am loving these for my cats!
Greetings Dear One,

I know exactly what you are going through when you try to
keep your pet flea and tick-free. No matter how much money you spend on popular flea and tick products, those nasty pests keep coming back, and your pet is never safe; very dangerous, even deadly diseases threaten your pet on a daily basis.

What's more, the popular products you've been treating your
pet with contain extremely harmful insecticides, which cause your pet serious health problems and can potentially poison the rest of your family!

The good news is that science has finally advanced to the point where you can protect your pet from fleas and ticks in the long run without poisoning them.

I would like to invite you to visit this website http://www.petprotector.org/Products?ID=70813
to watch a short video about the Pet Protector Disc, (scroll down to watch video) a product which successfully repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes for an incredible 4-year period and is 100% chemical-free! What's more, compared to how much you would spend on toxic flea repellent products, the Pet Protector costs 20 times less!

Love & Blessings
Journeys Into Wholeness

P.S.  I recently purchased a few and added them to my Cats collars.  We had a very bad Fall season with fleas here in the Pacific Northwest and have seen a slight increase early summer. I generally have not had much of problem and used natural products to address the issue.  NOW I can just allow the disc to due the work!  YAY!

P.S.S. This product is already protecting over 25 million pets around the world with great success. If you want to preserve your pet's health and extend their life-span, then take a look at the info I've provided for you and go ahead and order one. Our pets' health is not something we can afford to gamble.

P.O. Box 4338
Everett, WA 98204, USA

Journeys Into Wholeness
DaKara Kies, Author, Master Energy Healer, 
Light Alchemist, Sacred Transformationist,
Certified Inspiration, Money & Relationship Coach.
Intuitive Reader, Feng Shui Consultant & Artist


[DK GreenRoots] Biochar: A Game Changer for the Climate?

A USDA research team investigating the ancient soil amendment biochar to address current and future food security is suggesting that, with its potential to store one gigaton of carbon per year by 2050, biochar could be a"game changer" in addressing global warming. 

In field and lab tests using hundreds of varieties of biochar, scientists at South Dakota State University and the University of Minnesota, St. Paul, are studying soil fertility, the stability of biochars in different types of soil, and the levels of carbon different biochars sequester. 

Deborah Phelan
Executive Director, 2050kids
"Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today." African Proverb

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[MMIT Don't Miss the Real Purpose of Life...

Greetings Dear One Dakara... 

The Illusion of Limitation... The Liberation of Self

Break Free and Be the Person You Were Meant to Be!

Do you ever feel like something is holding you back from saying what you want, doing what you want -- from just being yourself?

Are you tired of feeling as though your highest aspirations have been tucked away into a little box, when you know that your heart and mind are meant to soar?

If so, then you're right where you need to be to break free of everything that's holding you back!

The truth is, if you knew who you really were, life would be much, much easier...

Contentment would be part of who you are, instead of some elusive circumstance that always seems to slip through your hands. Struggles in life would be simple hills to climb, instead of mountains in your way. And you couldn't feel inadequate, because you would never compare yourself to others. All forms of painful stress would simply disappear.

In order to realize the happiness, the love, and the sense of fulfillment that only you have been given to know, there's only one thing left for you to do!

Just learn to release everything that isn't really you.

If you can see the power in this beautiful idea, then you can begin to realize your true Self and experience the wonders of this life in a whole new way. This new wisdom will help you:

  • Turn what limits you into what liberates you
  • Free yourself from stress, fear, and worry
  • Enjoy richer relationships, and brighter, happier days
  • Act rightly, decisively, and without regret
  • Deal with difficult people and situations
  • Maximize your creative energies
  • Achieve real results with less effort, in less time
  • Live in the deep abiding peace of a quiet mind

For 30 years, self-realization teacher Guy Finley has offered guidance in achieving this higher state of awareness. Guy gave a series of talks at his annual Talks in the Pines workshop in Merlin, Oregon, and everyone who was fortunate enough to attend this event agrees that this was the most powerful series of talks that Guy has ever given.

And now these transforming talks are available to you for Free in The Illusion of Limitation, a 7-MP3 audio album that will change forever your perception of yourself and your life.

The Illusion of Limitation: The Liberation of Self!

Free Access to 7 Full-Length MP3 Downloads (or Listen Streaming Online)

These talks are an amazing resource to help you finally become the person you were meant to be. And for a short time, you can receive this powerful MP3 album for free!

Learn how to let go and live fearlessly! Guy Finley will show you how. Then nothing will ever stand in your way again. Not even yourself!

Use the link below to sign up now.

Love & Blessings
Journeys Into Wholeness

P.S. This is a REAL product that is currently for sale on Guy's site for $29.95 -- and I've arranged for you to receive it for FREE!

P.O. Box 4338
Everett, WA 98204, USA

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That's right - the California Supreme Court recently granted an appeal in T.H. v. Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp., an even more extreme Conte follow-on that imposed innovator liability in perpetuity − for injuries occurring even after an innovator manufacturer had sold all rights and left the relevant market altogether.  We shared the news yesterday on the Drug and Device Law blog's new home and through a breaking news e-mail to our readers who re-subscribed through our new site.   Once again we were first on the web with important drug/device product liability news.


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Remember, a defense win anywhere helps defendants everywhere.  That's our motto.  That's why we do what we do.

- Bexis

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[MMIT New Moon Abundance Check reminder - What Knowledge awaits you?

Greetings Dear One... 

This months New Moon is on:
New Moon  June 4, 2016
7:59 pm PDT – 10:59 pm EDT
15 degrees Gemini

Find your time zone: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/
 Read below for best times to write your Abundance Checks.

 Last night's New Moon Manifesting was amazing,
inspiring and magical!  We stepped onto a Cloud covered Hoover craft as the Fairies of the Air (Sylphs) assisted us
up to the Multidimensional Timeline and off we went in
a flash of light to another dimension!

 Powerful Sacred Ancient Language
brought into create your Sacred Transformation
during the healing portion of the call!

Step into the transformational energy of the Violet Blue Flame to cleanse and clear any energies holding you back from manifesting.  

Journey into another dimension where colors are bright and vivid, step into the temple to cleanse your mind before entering the Vessel of Knowledge and Wisdom.  Claim your scroll of additional messages to bring back
to the meadow!  Pure Magic! 


If you know a bit about Astrology, find 15 degrees
of Gemini in your chart, focus your intention on
that house in your chart. (go here if you need help)
For instance 15 degrees of
Gemini is in
my 11th house.

I am focusing on creating a Meditation Book for
Amazon Kindle that will help others expand in consciousness
and more forward on their life journey!

What next level of Knowledge & Wisdom is ready to come forth
and be shared?

What new magical ways can I align with Source,
the Goddess and Angels

 Best to write checks before or after the void of course time.

(Best time to write checks - Saturday Night after 7:59 pm PDT until Sunday 9:47 am PDT - read below )

Write out your new moon checks Saturday June 4th after 7:59 pm PDT  until Sunday am at 9:47  PDT  when the moon moves VOC.  

Start writing your checks again after 8:41 pm PDT Sunday night.  The moon stays steady until Tuesdays June 7th when the moon moves VOC at 5:18 pm PDT  
  Use this link to convert to your time zone:http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/
Use Seattle, WA for PST to convert

 Write your checks within 48 hours after the new
moon for maximum potency. Unless the moon is void of course.
When the moon is "void of course" it is in a holding pattern.
Waiting until the next sign gives your intention more power
and available energy for manifesting.

  It's my pleasure to bring you a monthly reminder to write
your checks after the new moon crests.

Tonight's New Moon Manifesting call was deep, cleansing and powerful!

 For more details about this magical call, visit http://newmooncheck.com/manifesting-call/
  Sign your name to the back of your new moon check!  As if you are preparing it for deposit to the Universal Bank of Manifesting!!!
This month the healing and meditation were quite powerful! 
Bring light in to offer healing to the energy keeping you stuck!
This was an amazing journey!  

Then let the Universe handle the details! 
When we add this element into the mix of writing our new moon checks
it adds additional power and magic!

 Happy Abundance Check manifesting!

P.S.  I will send another reminder 
for best time to start write your checks on Saturday
night and then again after the moon moves back into
a sign on Sunday night.


DaKara Kies, HPT Master, Advanced HPT Certified (Heart Point Technique)Energy Healer & Inspiration Coach. Intuitive Reader, Feng Shui Consultant & Artist
Dakara Kies Co, PO Box 4338, Everett, WA 98204, USA