[MMIT How to rise above challenges and live in joy

Greetings Dear One... 

Have you ever felt that the challenges of life seemed too much
to bear?  Do you sometimes feel bogged down in discouragement
or depression? Or, maybe you just know there is more joy to experience than you've felt! If you could just move through the anxiety or uncertainty, everything would be so much easier.
But HOW do you do that?

These emotions seem to be a common part of our world, but I promise you that these feelings do not need to be an everyday part of your life!

What?! How can a person possibly make such a promise? I can because I've experienced it!

Join me, our host Melanie Newman and many other experts who have also learned and experienced how to rise above life's challenges and live a life filled with joy!

There is a light within each one of us that when allowed to shine directs our life to one of fulfillment, growth, prosperity and joy! Learn the secrets how to not only overcome the challenges but to thrive and live a joyful and fulfilling life!

Register for this free online summit where our host, Melanie Newman will guide you through the experiences and knowledge of over 20 experts in the fields of self-growth, prosperity, relationships, business, and more. Receive not only knowledge but  practical tools  you can use immediately to help you on your path to joy. Along with all the knowledge and tools, you will also receive a free gift from each expert just for listening.

Listen to each interview in the comfort of your
own home.Or take it on the go if you prefer.
Just be sure to take advantage of the hope and helps
to walk the pathway to your joyous light!

The guide to easily rise above the challenges of life
and live a life of joy are just a click away!
We'll see you there!

Love & Blessings

P.S.   Melanie and I have already recorded the interview... I was fun and magical! Register now to listen in!  Register Now

P.S.S.  Share this with your friends!  Who couldn't use some
extra JOY in their life?

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