[MMIT New Moon Abundance Check reminder - Return to Source

Greetings Dear One... 

This months New Moon is on:
  September 30, 2016
5:11 pm PDT / 8:11 pm EDT
9 degrees Libra

Find your time zone: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/
 Read below for best times to write your Abundance Checks.

 Last night's New Moon Manifesting Meditation was amazing.  Two energy healing processes were offered to support you in letting go, so that you are prepared for this magical Black Moon.  A Black Moon is when there are two new moons in a calendar month.  We had the powerful Solar Eclipse on Sept 1st. now the Black Moon on Sept 30th.
Register for the replay of last nights call to receive the support you need for manifesting during this powerful time of change.

Libra is all about balance and harmony.  How are your partnering with others? Find beauty in your self and others.

Journey in your own personal Bubble of light! 
Floating up and out of our  atmosphere and then traveling at the speed of light, deep into the
Universe into Source Energy.  Anchor in
  Power, Love, Wisdom
and Intelligence in Action!  Return and float into the Matrix were the new
energies are activated into the very core of
your being! 

 During the healing we brought in an energy package to cleanse and clear what is holding you back.
The Guides brought in Sacred Language to create
your Sacred Transformation
during the healing and the meditation portions of the call!

Send love from your bubble down to Mother Earth, supporting Her during this time of deep transformation!

If you know a bit about Astrology, find 9 degrees
of Libra in your chart, focus your intention on
that house in your chart. (go here if you need help)
For instance 9 degrees of
Libra is in
my 3nd house.

I am focusing on getting my meditation book completed!
Ready for Amazon Kindle, so that many can enjoy
the magic of the meditational journeys!

What next level of Knowledge & Wisdom is ready
to come forth and be shared?
What new magical ways can I align with Source,
the Goddess and Angels

BEST to write your checks:  Friday September 30th after 5:11 pm PDT UNTIL Saturday October 1st until 10:43 pm PDT.  Then start again after 12:43 pm PDT
on Sunday Oct 2nd 

  Write out your new moon checks Friday
September 30, 2016 After 5:11 pm PDT 8:11 EDT
UNTIL Saturday October 1st at 10:43 pm PDT when
the moon moves void of course. The moon moves
 into Scorpio on Sunday Oct 2nd at 12:43 pm PDT
You can start writing your checks again.
  Use this link to convert to your time zone:http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/
Use Seattle, WA for PST to convert

 Write your checks within 48 hours after the new
moon for maximum potency. Unless the moon is void of course.
When the moon is "void of course" it is in a holding pattern.
Waiting until the next sign gives your intention more power
and available energy for manifesting.

  It's my pleasure to bring you a monthly reminder to write
your checks after the new moon crests.

Last night's New Moon Manifesting call was deep, cleansing and powerful!

 For more details about this magical call, visit http://newmooncheck.com/manifesting-call/
  Sign your name to the back of your new moon check!  As if you are preparing it for deposit to the Universal Bank of Manifesting!!!
This month the healing and meditation were quite powerful! 
Bring light in to offer healing to the energy keeping you stuck!
This was an amazing journey!  

Then let the Universe handle the details! 
When we add this element into the mix of writing our new moon checks
it adds additional power and magic!

 Happy Abundance Check manifesting!

P.S.  I will send another reminder right at the time
to start writing checks!  Happy Manifesting!

P.S.S.  This Black Moon has tremendous power!
Focus - use the two healing processes shared in this months New Moon Manifesting Call to clear the path to your greatness!  Journey to Source to
reconnect and claim your birth right!


DaKara Kies, HPT Master, Advanced HPT Certified (Heart Point Technique)Energy Healer & Inspiration Coach. Intuitive Reader, Feng Shui Consultant & Artist
Dakara Kies Co, PO Box 4338, Everett, WA 98204, USA



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