[DK GreenRoots] National Weather Service hastens to update records after Trump statement shows their error

Erroneous initial records of the National Weather Service, plus unreliable observations of those in attendance and the lying cameras of the dishonest media, showed clouds with an intermittent light rain during the inauguration event.

The administration has now provided definitive information about the actual weather conditions, and agencies are working hard to correct their errors.


George W Bush during after the inauguration

"God looked down and, and he said we're not going to let it rain on your speech.. . .The truth is it stopped immediately," clarified President Trump, who also notified citizens about the downpour which occurred directly after the ceremony was completed.

Correcting the false information about the weather has now become a top priority of the administration during its second full day.  The administration is pursuing an assertive and nationally unifying approach to the update on several fronts.

A National Weather Service spokesman described the process of correcting the errant weather records. "It's part of a huge effort we already have underway, working through a set of fake data sites to correct temperature records for the past few decades," he said. "We're making the temperature graph great again, and it's going to be a beautiful thing. The inauguration weather is just a few extra data points. And the extra rain from the afternoon downpour is going to be good news for water supplies and for agriculture."

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[More] http://www.dailykos.com/story/2017/01/23/1623699/-National-Weather-Service-hastens-to-update-records-after-Trump-statement-shows-their-error

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