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An amazing and powerful call with DaKara processes and energy work to clear out old energies and bring in new energies to help us be more prosperous with money, definitely listen to the replay again to go deeper and clear more!

DaKara Kies – BE your Prosperous Self by Relinquishing YOUR Struggle with Money

Join us for this live and interactive call:
Light Alchemy is a Divinely guided process working with Divine Mother and a multitude of other Powerful guides to call forth the sound, colour and light needed to create your Sacred Transformation. Plan to listen in and learn easy, simple and fast techniques to change your energy and your life!
  • Live healing and transformations using Light Alchemy, Ancient Sacred Language and Sound to transform the energy of Money Struggle! What's holding YOU back from Manifesting with ease and BEing your prosperous Self?
  • Do you have a Gatekeeper holding onto the energy of Struggle with Money? What is a Gatekeeper and how does it hold you back in many areas of your life? If you feel stuck, likely there is a Gatekeeper, let's move it on!
  • Are you ready to activate the part of your brain that is pre-programmed to manifest, shine and radiate?
  • Activate Wisdom Codes ™ that are laying dormant within you. Ready to support you and open the flow of Money energy.
What people are saying about DaKara:
"I keep turning my head and pinch myself, yes it is real! The love that Dakara brought into the situation supported me and allowed me to accept the healing that was taking place. I am totally overjoyed because as the day progressed yesterday I began to find that happy thought, hang on to it and remember my own power and self worth again. Thank you Dakara! Your chanting touched the depths of my soul and reminded me of a healthier way of being surrounded by love!" ~ Maria V. Everett, WA
"Working with DaKara has been a delight. Quite simply, it's the easiest, most cost effective way to release all negative patterns attached to you. She is a game changer. " ~ Philip Adler CEO Elevate Success Partners
"When I first started working with DaKara I was having thoughts of unhappiness, like I couldn't be happy. Something was blocking me from me, I wanted out of my misery of struggling with life. It was a miracle, after the 2nd session something so profound shifted in me that all those feelings of unhappiness left. I couldn't even bring up the thoughts I was previously having, I just felt like ME. I came into myself. I can't even explain it but I can think of the thoughts I used to have but there is no power or feeling behind it. And I have to force myself to even come up with the negative thoughts. Now I feel like I can go into the world and BE genuinely happy. I feel myself growing in leaps and bounds instead of baby steps. Now I honor myself and who I am and it feels great. I highly recommend sessions with DaKara. Her ability to dive deep into an issue, find the core without having to dredge up all the past memories, along with her keen intuition, allows a lot to be shifted in a short amount of time. HPT is an amazing healing technique that has made a profound difference in my life. If you want quick recovery for whatever ails you, this is what you have been waiting for."
ABOUT DaKara Kies
DaKara Kies is a gifted Intuitive Master Healer & Light Alchemist that specializes in clearing core issues, ancestral energies and blocks so you can step into your true purpose, power and passion.
Author, Certified Master Energy Healer, Inspiration, Money & Relationship Coach, Channel to the Divine, DaKara's mission is to share Universal healing light and sound with as many people as possible. Light is an alchemical healer that supports each of us, especially in times of transition. Receive YOUR Divine Prescription and Sacred Transformation now!


A wonderful call with Brenda with informative mini energy scanning and healing, wonderful wisdom for all of us at this time.

Brenda Lainof – How to release all blockages and create the life you want!

Join us for this live and interactive call:
Brenda uses her own unique form in her Chakra Energy Scans where she intuits information that allows communication with the soul.
An energy scan, is a downloaded snapshot in time, a method of connecting with the energy field and spirit. This information reveals energetic patterns that cause blockages or imbalances, not only in the energetic body but in the physical body as well.
Brenda will be connecting on this call today, with your energy and will share what may or may not make sense and helps you get clear on your situation so you can take the next step into your transformation. Brenda will let you know what information she receives and you can then ask questions or reflect on the findings for one full hour!
What people are saying about Brenda:
"I had the pleasure of having Brenda Lainof as a presenter during my live day trading workshop bootcamp. This class focuses on discipline and the psychological aspects of trading so Brenda's expertise in this area was an excellent supplement. My students were very receptive to her easy going style, and she opened up our minds to alternative healing methods.
I highly recommend Brenda's work to all business owners out there. She will change your thought processes and direct you in a more positive approach to life's challenges.
Thank you Brenda!" ~ Stefanie Kammerman
"Brenda brought so much emotion and passion to her speech and I now understand what true abundance is, it isn't just about success financially but in all areas of my life. I see how having an abundant mindset can help me be more successful in my work and able to reach my financial goals while improving all areas of my life as well. Thank you for showing me the way to add more abundance to my life and business". ~ Chantelle Adams
"I attended an event with Brenda in Phoenix and was fortunate to have the opportunity to experience some of her work in releasing trapped emotions. As part of one of the releases we worked on, my father who has been deceased for 13 yrs, came through to me with such clarity and strength. I have been very connected to him since he died but have not experienced this degree of clarity in the connection since his funeral. It was such a joy to have the opportunity to connect with my father in this way and to work with Brenda. I was able to release a lot of deep emotions that I was not consciously aware needed to be let go of. The work Brenda does is amazing and I am looking forward to future sessions with her!" ~ Sherri N. Arizona
"Had the pleasure of participating in a Skype group call last week with Brenda Lainof and the subject of our focus was on Abundance. I was very impressed with how Brenda guided this process leaving space for it to be fairly open ended yet zeroing in very quickly on the things to be cleared. I could tell that we were clearing things in the session but it was at bedtime that I really noticed that the process was continuing and in a very powerful way. My body was really buzzing/ vibrating with clearing for at least a 2-3 hours when I was wanting to go to sleep. I pulled out every trick I know to shut it down to get sleep (had an appointment early the next day) The flood gates had been opened for a powerful clearing and I am happy to have participated.(in spite of a day of feeling sleep deprived) Being a long time energy worker, I work on myself often and move energy with others often- but this was different. Many of us are on a path of clearing on very deep levels these days and the more clear that we get, the greater our peace, love & joy. So thanks Brenda for the gifts that you share. It is a very valuable service for those wanting to accelerate their journey to living in awareness. I look forward to our upcoming sessions" ~ Rita M. British Columbia
"I wanted to say, yesterday I have a case manager for my mental health and yesterday I went to see her for my annual evaluation and goal-setting. She said, "do you still feel worthless, guilty, tired and depressed 7 days per week?" And I have to say, it was almost surprising to even hear her say that. I do know I felt that way not too long ago but now it feels like a distant memory, and it is all because of the work we are doing together. It really affirmed the value of what I've gotten out of working with you. I feel way less depressed, I'm starting to like myself and I generally feel relatively peaceful. My internal life is way better and this coming year, I feel that my external life is bound to improve as well" ~ Dyan H. California
"I would definitely recommend Brenda Lainof as she has worked with me and has been able to release a lot of stress and pain from my life. She is very personable and non-judgmental. I found it to be a very relaxing and intuitive experience like I have never had before!!" ~ Colleen D. Alberta
ABOUT Brenda Lainof
For many years I ignored the calling of my Soul to step into work that fulfills me.
I worked in the Corporate world for over three decades. In that time frame, I struggled with many health issues. My personal journey consisted of endometriosis, hysterectomy, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, tendon that snapped in my thumb that required surgery and emergency fallopian tube removal.
It was the near death experience with a cardiac arrest when I knew, without a doubt, I had to make some drastic, immediate changes in my life. Sometimes it takes a huge hit by the Universe to make you listen!
I believe that when you have lived such experiences, it transforms your heart forever!
After my cardiac arrest, I truly felt fearless. I was living on an acreage at the time in the foothills of the mountains. We have many animals that would visit and pass through our property. One such animal was a moose who I personally challenged and chased away. If you know anything about moose, you stay clear as they are very powerful animals. However, I felt such a sense of inner power, that I totally disregarded the moose that and determined to chase it off my property. Mistake, as my neighbours politely pointed out!!
It is said that at first the Universe whispers and then it shouts, until eventually it stops you in your tracks and you surrender to your new path.
Are you ready to follow your new path? Let me guide you on that journey!
Healing is a journey as is life. Although life can sometimes feel difficult and challenging, healing doesn't need to be. And with the help of energy healing, your life doesn't need to feel difficult and challenging either. Receiving energy healing for 21 days can significantly change your energy and change your life.
Are you ready to change your life? Then it is time to change your energy! Releasing energy that no longer serves you, frees up your space so you can receive new empowering energies so that you can begin to manifest your new life with ease and grace.
Join me for 21 days of higher dimension healing to change your energy and change your life. You can attend the calls live or listen to the replays and listen to the recordings of the calls at your convenience. The energy healing and processes will facilitate change so that you can have more clarity, more ease, more peace, and more motivation to make the changes necessary in your life so that you can create the life that you desire.
The live calls are starting soon, this is an opportunity that you don't want to miss! 21 days of healing for $21!!!
Find out more and register here www.alara.at/healing
If you want to change your life, one way to do that is to change your energy, I look forward to having you join me in this new healing program.
Reminder, I created a new group on facebook where you will be able to engage more freely with myself, my guest speakers, and other community members to help us all grow, raise our vibrations, awaken to happiness now, and live our best lives! I will also be adding special events and free products here only for you! Click on the link below and join the group and really feel what it is like to be supported, and empowered.
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Alara Canfield
"Our mission is to inspire and self-empower you to live a prosperous life with ease, joy, and love through a connection with Spirit."
Healer, Coach, Author, Speaker, Host
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