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Greetings Dear,

How much personal joy is stolen by doubt, worry
and frustration?  A little or a lot?

What if I told you there was a way to no
longer function in those states … ever?

You might think, 'Yeah right?'

But what if that automatic response of skepticism and
doubt wasn't your automatic reaction?  Would more
possibilities open?  

Imagine having no 'preconceived' point of view.  
Imagine being totally open to this idea just for a moment!  

What might be different? 

What might you notice that you couldn't with that doubt?
How might you create your life differently?

Maybe you'd find you have more...
Focus? Clarity? Ease? Joy? Living? What else?

Now, that you've read this far -- do you already
notice an energetic shift?  (I see you smirking)

Would you be open to knowing how to clear doubt,
worry and frustration and be energetically greater?

What if there was a different way that would keep
you out of lack and doubt?

Will you join me tomorrow? (Monday April 10th) On a live call with Jeneth & DaKara as we'll help you shift and transform!

Love & Blessings

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DaKara Kies, Author, Master Energy Healer, 
Light Alchemist, Sacred Transformationist,
Certified Inspiration, Money & Relationship Coach.
Intuitive Reader, Feng Shui Consultant & Artist


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