[DK GreenRoots] My Renewed Activism and a Little DK Research

Back from Self-imposed Hibernation 

The last substantive diary I posted was back in November of 2015. That's because  I chose to stay out of the frenzied, heated pie fights of the election season, opting instead to take the time to work on my writing projects.   It was a wise decision.   Spending literally thousands of hours on my stuff I got a lot accomplished.  The only problem was the surprise election of the Donald.  I, like just about everyone else on this planet, assumed that it would be Hillary sitting in the White House.  It caused me to do a lot of re-writing.  Just goes to show that life is full of surprises.

The election of Trump, by all indications, will be an environmental disaster so now more than ever I need to step up.  

I like the attitude of Climate Mobilization. 

From www.theclimatemobilization.org/…

In eliminating the very concept of climate change from the White House website and moving immediately to advance construction of the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines, President Trump and his allies are aiming to break our spirits. They want us to succumb to desperation and despair. They want to liquidate the climate movement's hard-won momentum. They want to kill any hope that we can mobilize to create a world free from climate catastrophe.  But it seems just as likely that their attempts to ram through a nakedly ecocidal agenda in a period of accelerating climate impacts will backfire as the American people recoil in disgust, bringing down not just this government, but the entire edifice of carbon gradualism that has delayed the shift into an emergency mobilization to save humanity and the biosphere. In embodying the tremendous evil of our throwaway economy, this new administration could do for our movement what Bull Connor did for Civil Rights. 

 I'm personally not going to work towards electing more and better Democrats.  I'm going to work towards the implementation of saner climate policies.  And as far as politics is concerned I'm going to work toward electing more and better Democratic Climate Hawks.   

 I don't have time to be distracted from the issue of climate change because with climate change I know that now time is of the essence.

That's under the most pessimistic calculations. According to the most optimistic prediction, we have four years to kick our carbon habit and avert 1.5 C of warming.
And to limit warming to 2 C—the limit agreed upon in the Paris climate accord—we have nine years to act under the most pessimistic scenario, and 23 years to act under the most optimistic.

So I'm going to kick it into high gear for


We're seeking to elect leaders willing to take on the greatest challenge facing the next few generations of humanity. Too many Democratic politicians consider climate to be just another issue bubbling below the surface of top priorities, and too many advocates are willing to excuse Democratic politicians who tout their states' coal and oil resources. We need aggressive, progressive champions of climate justice—climate hawks.
The Republican Party is so deeply entrenched in denying the existence of climate change and protecting the fossil-fuel industry that if a Republican climate hawk were to emerge, we would look hard at a Republican's willingness to buck leadership as well as the Republican's position on climate.
We work to engage and educate voters, advocate on climate change in general election contests, and back climate hawks in Democratic primaries. We engage and train younger climate hawks interested in running for office. And we work on campaigns to mobilize the American people and our elected officials to act aggressively to end greenhouse pollution and build a renewably powered, just society that is resilient to the threats of a changing climate.

And a little Research

DK GreenRoots statistics:  Currently there are 349 members.  Most joined in 2009.  One person joined in 2015.  One person  joined in 2016.  Posting activity indicates a lot of people have been silent for a while.  

Meteor Blades (MB) and Patriotic Daily News Clearing House (PDNC), who recently lost her battle against cancer, are listed as the owners of this list.  MB is tireless in his efforts to keep environmental issues at the forefront on DailyKos.  In memory of PDNC, I'm going to do my part to better assist MB going forward.  

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