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Greetings Dear One Test... 

The fact that you're reading this email means you know something is going on in our world. It's a huge energy shift, which brings opportunity to release old pain, struggle and paradigms, and embrace new opportunities to create your life from a place of

I'm excited to be sharing about "Embracing YOUR Inner Weirdo. 
Is the Energy of Shame holding you back? on
Your Divine Uniqueness

I'm going to share some thought provoking ideas, answer questions, offer energy clearing and transmission to assist you in releasing the energy of shame, that may be holding you back from your greatness! I'd love you to receive the healing transmission!

Save the date!
Date: Wednesday, February 1, 2017
Time: 2:00 pm Eastern Time / 11 am Pacific Time

When you join Your Divine Uniqueness you'll instantly receive a Welcome Gift bundle of healing goodness! Be blessed and supported by powerful healing processes from transformational masters who lovingly offer these gifts to you.

You'll also get in the flow to receive healing transmissions from other spiritual luminaries like Amy Flynn, Lori Spagna, Dr Jenn Royster, Dr Michael Smith, Patricia Cota-Robles and more…

So give yourself a HEALING GIFT and join me for an opportunity to clear shame energy and Embrace YOUR Inner Weirdo on Your Divine Uniqueness  

Imagine opening the gates to your INFINITE divine STRENGTH and POWER. Imagine the feeling of confidence and completeness when you can relish being WHO YOU ARE and create a life full of LOVE, JOY and ABUNDANCE. Imagine being able to shine Your Divine Light to help create a loving and harmonious world for all!

Click here now to join me on Your Divine Uniqueness  and let your LIGHT SHINE!

Love & Blessings

DaKara Kies, Author, Master Energy Healer, 
Light Alchemist, Sacred Transformationist,
Certified Inspiration, Money & Relationship Coach.
Intuitive Reader, Feng Shui Consultant & Artist


P.O. Box 4338
Everett, WA 98204, USA

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